That’s What We Like About Austin

By far, the most popular events we run at Red Velvet Events are Austin-themed events. Whether an out-of-town group is visiting central Texas for the first time or a local company is putting together an unforgettable corporate outing, people all seem to want to have “the Austin experience.”

While we’re always on the looking for the newest, most exciting opportunities for our clients, we’ve put together two particular Austin-themed tours that never fail to win rave reviews, time and time again:

The Austin Craft Beer Tour.

Across the country, craft beer is growing in popularity – and it’s really thriving in Austin! People are developing a strong appreciation for local, independent craft beer brewers who make small batches of their products using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Corporate groups visiting or having an event in Austin have loved visiting local breweries and sampling beers they can’t find anywhere else in the country, as well as learning about Texas’ exciting and fast-growing craft brewing industry.

The Hill Country Texas BBQ Tour.

For decades, people have been driving from all over Texas to eat at Driftwood’s famous Salt Lick. Now that Franklin Barbecue has made statewide and national news for its delectable food, central Texas BBQ is hotter than ever. On the RVE BBQ tour, we take attendees back in history and visit some of the original BBQ joints from the area. Our tour includes a half-day in Llano seeing some famous BBQ pits and learning about what makes a great brisket, sausage, ribs and more. Attendees have been known to come back very full, so make sure you start the tour with an empty stomach!

Is your mouth watering yet? Are you interested in booking one or both of these tours for your team? If so, contact RVE today!