Why Confidentiality Rules Regarding our Clients and Partners

Red Velvet Events strives to be the premiere event planning company and DMC in the Austin area, and there’s no way I could do what I do without RVE’s partners and clients. They are the backbone of my business, and I value them tremendously.

Because these partnerships are so important to me, I’m very protective of them – which is why I don’t openly share all my partners’ and clients’ names. For my clients, it’s a matter of confidentiality. Regarding RVE’s partners: I simply never want to give the impression of favoritism. For example, we work with more than 10 talented florists, but we don’t name specific florists when we show off their work on social media because not every florist is the right match for every client. My team and I are very familiar with our partners’ work, and we stand ready to recommend specific vendors to our clients based on their needs and budget, not on personal preferences.

If you’ve seen something on our social media channels that you loved and want to recreate at your next event, let me know and we can work together to match you to that vendor or another one even more suited to your specific needs!