Is A Video Worth A Million Words?

In our last post, we explored how event photos can be worth a thousand words, if not more. Well, what about videos? Could they be worth a full million words?

If you have the resources, consider capturing your event through video. Technology has improved quite a bit in the last few years. (It’s come a long way from the VHS tapes that held grainy, wobbly birthday party footage!) As a result, professional videography prices have become a lot more affordable. Even if you think the cost of producing your own videos and / or hiring a professional videographer might out of your reach, look into it. It just might fit into your budget after all.

Here are some tips to make sure your event video is a success:

  • At Red Velvet Events, we recommend partnering with a professional videographer.
  • Make sure you tell the videographer in advance what the program’s goals are, and what details he / she should capture.
  • Have a storyline prepared in advance, and share that storyline with the videographer.
  • Know the details and schedule of the program.
  • Be sure to have your client sign a video release. If you’re unable to get a video release from all the attendees, post a visible sign at the entrance of the event to let them know that videotaping is in progress.
  • Remember that, if a child will appear in your video, you are legally required to obtain a written release from his / her parent(s).

For some examples of how a great videographer can help you relive an event over and over, even if you weren’t there for it, check out our YouTube channel and enjoy some of our past marketing videos and event recaps!