A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Say Cheese!

While safety is absolutely crucial to every event, today’s blog post will focus on something a little lighter and a lot more fun: photography!

One of the most important parts of any event is a professional photographer. We all know the familiar saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, sometimes words can’t do an event experience justice. The beautiful décor, the guests having a wonderful time: our clients want images from these special moments captured forever, and so do we.

Even if your budget is tight, we highly recommend hiring an experienced professional photographer to help document your event setup, as well as the event itself. In addition to capturing memories, these photos can also help you when planning future events. Here’s how:

  • They can assist you in securing additional sponsors (if sponsors are involved).
  • They can show other event planners what you have done in the past, especially for clients who put on events in different cities.
  • They can help with your social media efforts.
  • For meeting planners and event producers, they can serve as part of your portfolio, demonstrating your past successes and giving clients some insight into what you’ve accomplished and how you think and work creatively.
  • For clients, they can help you figure out which DMC or event coordinator you want to work with. Ask to see photos of multiple types of events, including corporate, social, basic and more elaborate productions. An experienced planner will have a significant portfolio full of a variety of events.

Red Velvet Events has several photo portfolios available online. We love for our friends, partners and clients – both current and future – to peruse them and see some of our most stunning accomplishments. You can see them on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest and on our own website. We also have videos from our events up on YouTube. And don’t forget to connect with us through social media, including Twitter, to keep up with all our fantastic events!