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April 19, 2013 Ideas & Inspiration

Be Memorable

Whether it’s a new conference or the social event of the year, branding is one of the most crucial parts of event planning. You want to make sure your event’s branding strategy sends the right message – one that’s exciting, fresh and attention getting. You want to draw new attendees, and keep the returning ones thrilled about coming. Basically, your event should really stick in your guests’ minds – even before they get there.

In order to successfully brand an event, consider the following:

Pre-Event Publicity.

This is where great promotional writing and logos can make or break your event, especially if it’s the first of its kind for your company. Spread the word about the event on social media. Create a unique hashtag on Twitter, and encourage your followers to use it when discussing the event.

Event Appearance.

You want your overall branding theme to be woven throughout the event, and the most common way to do this is to have one large element tying it all together. This can come in the form of the main stage, a clever wrap or a display on TV monitors. You can also integrate the theme into signage and décor. Is there a way to add the event’s logo or color theme to the centerpieces? What about the furniture? In the lighting? On the outfits of the event staff?

Guest Perspective.

Look at every little detail and try to see it from your guests’ eyes. Think about what would impress them, or make their conference experience easier. Are the name badges and program books as user-friendly as possible? The music selection, the food, even the cocktail napkins – are they as appealing and unique as they could be? And make sure all the little parts of your event support the larger theme. For example, one of our recent events had a “smart” theme, so we selected “smart” foods to serve – and the guests really appreciated that!

Keep It Social.

Social media should be a crucial part of the event itself, not just the promotion of the event. If you have a Twitter Stream or FeedMagnet on a wall, you can easily customize that to echo the look and feel of your event’s brand. You can also do similar things with mobile apps that offer many different ways to customize your guests’ social media experience. Splash, for example, works like to a combination of WordPress and EventBrite: it allows event managers to completely brand the user’s experience from the event website, using the same theme in both registration and social media platforms.

Post-Event Promotion.

Even after all the guests have left, keep the conversation going. Post photos or videos from the event, along with feedback or quotes from guests. Encourage the guests to share their pictures, too. And if you’ve got the next event’s date set, tell people to mark their calendars!

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