Standing Out at Trade Shows

Stand Out in a Big Crowd!

Trade shows are a great way to network and see what’s new and exciting in your field. But if you’re going to have a booth at a trade show, it’s important to know how to really stand out and get visitors’ attention – without overwhelming them.

Over the years, Red Velvet Events has worked with countless clients to help them make the most of their trade shows booths. Here are some of the ways we’ve been able to stand out in a crowd:

Know Your Booth Size.

If you only have a 10’ by 10’ booth, don’t bring in an oversized contraption. That will make the space look crowded and uninviting. Instead, get creative: hire a really good magician or even a palm reader, and tie your booth’s theme around the live and interactive entertainment you’re offering.

Unique Swag.

Everyone’s always looking for the free items at booths, but what people remember most are the new and original items. Stand out by stocking unique and interesting swag – stuff that’s practical, and that hasn’t been seen very often at that particular trade show. Leave the boring, same-thing-every-year swag to the other booths!

Color Your World.

Keep your booth colorful without looking garish. Remember that a simple, standout logo or phrase on the wall has a lot more impact than tons of text. People don’t want to stop and read an essay; they’ve got other booths to visit and other free swag to pick up.

Follow the Rules.

While you want your booth to have that “Wow” factor, make sure you know and follow the rules and regulations of your trade show’s host city. There’s no point in creating a fantastic booth if it gets shut down for violating a rule. Plus, if that happens, you can bet everyone will be talking about it – and not in a good way!

Let Us Help You.

Whether it’s a 10’ by 10’ booth or a 40’ by 40’ island, we can work with you to make sure your trade show booth impresses all who walk by. Contact us today, and we’ll be delighted to tell you how you can become one of our trade show success stories!