Welcome, SXSWi 2013!

Excitement is in the air!

South By Southwest Interactive (or SXSWi) is almost here! At Red Velvet Events, we love all of the SXSW festivals because they showcase our great hometown of Austin; but we’re especially excited about the Interactive festival this year. We are honored to work with a lot of high-tech companies, and we’re really thrilled about the panels and events of the 2013 festival.

While we are involved in several SXSW events, many of them are invitation only. However, here are two events we’d love for you to attend:

ATX Startup Crawl, Thursday, March 7.

This is a great opportunity to kick back and network with some of Austin’s best and brightest tech start-ups. It’s also one of the few events open the day before SXSWi officially starts. Shuttles will be available from 5 to 9:30 p.m. Last year, the ATX Startup Crawl welcomed 3,500 people and spotlighted 40 companies, so be sure to catch it this year!

Capital Factory Demo Day, Friday, March 8.

What’s different about this invitation-only event: the attendees are going to choose a tech start-up to move to Austin! What a great opportunity to make the local tech sector even more strengthened and vibrant. Good luck to all the applicants! (Please note: you must have a SXSWi badge to attend.)

Your Turn

What SXSWi events are you excited about? Which panels do you want to attend? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!