Spring Cleaning for Your Conference

Always Room for Improvement.

Whether you’ve been holding conferences for years or are planning your first one, there’s always room for improvement – even for the very best events. After all, you’re vying for your customers’ attention (and dollars) in a highly competitive market. And in the day and age of social media, a compliment – or a complaint – can change a company’s reputation forever. It’s definitely worth your time and effort to see if you can do a little spring cleaning on your conference.

Here are some tips to help you clean things up and figure out what works, what should stay and what should go in your next conference or meeting.

Plan Early.

Depending on your city’s size and usual demand for meeting space, you may have to plan things well in advance in order to get the space you want – especially if you are working with a larger group of people.

Look Backward.

Review the feedback forms from your last conference. What did people like? What did they not enjoy? Do you see a pattern in the feedback? See if you can take the most popular suggestions and make them happen this year.

Get Them Involved.

We’ve written before about how interactive events really stand out in attendees’ minds. Examine your conference’s schedule and budget, and see where you can add interactive elements. Perhaps in the keynote address? During breaks? At an evening happy hour?

Snack Smartly.

Think differently about food options for your guests. It’s so easy to just pick a hotel menu; but consider your audience and what little menu changes might make their day. Would they enjoy more healthy snacks, like yogurt and granola, as opposed to the standard continental breakfast? What about having espresso in addition to coffee during break-out sessions?

Get an Outside Opinion.

Talk to a meeting planner about what’s new in conference and meeting trends, and see what’s within your budget. You might be surprised at all the cool new features you can add without spending a lot of cash!

Remember, even if your conference has a long history of success and satisfied attendees, there’s always something you can do to make it even more polished and fun. If you’d like to hear more ideas on cleaning up your conference, contact Red Velvet Events today.

Your Turn.

How do you make sure your conferences and meetings stand out in a crowd? Which conferences do you never want to miss, and why? Tell us in the comments section!