SXSW 2013 Checklist

Get Ready Austin

The South By Southwest (SXSW) festivals are almost upon us! Whether you’re coming to Austin for the Interactive, Film, or Music portions of the festival (or all three), you are sure to have a blast – as long as you plan ahead.

Remember, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything there is to see – especially since you only have a few days to see it all. To help prevent that feeling, we’ve put together this handy checklist of SXSW tips and advice:

Know Where You’re Crashing.

If you haven’t made hotel reservations yet, you might be out of luck. Reserve a room ASAP, or start contacting friends to see if they have an extra room – or couch.

Get Your Schedule Together.

Check out the listings and plot out what you want to see. Study a map, too, to ensure you can get from event to event in enough time.

Have Some Reservations.

If there’s a restaurant you absolutely have to try, make sure you get reservations ahead of time. However, bear in mind that many places won’t take reservations, or might have different hours during SXSW. Also, remember that large parties may be difficult to seat, so if you’re traveling with an entourage, consider breaking up into small groups for meal times.

Get Social With Social Media.

Check out Twitter and Facebook for information about day parties and informal meet-ups.

Have an Analog Back-Up.

Bring paper copies of maps and schedules, just in case your phone crashes on you – or crashes against the floor.

What to Wear?

Texas is notorious for its fickle weather. Even if the weather report suggests nothing but sun, bring a few layers. And comfortable shoes are a must, as is a remote battery charger for your phone and / or laptop.

Be Flexible.

Because these festivals are so enormous, it’s best to approach them with an open mind and a flexible schedule. See what the day brings you, and be prepared to see a different show, speaker, or film at the last minute. It could end up being the best experience you have all week!

Your Turn

What are your best SXSW tips and advice? Share them in the comments section!