Keep Feeling Inspiration

RVE’s Streamlined Inspiration Guide

One of the best parts of working in the event planning industry is being constantly exposed to the newest, freshest and most creative ideas out there. The only downside: there are so many great resources that, if we stopped to search through all of them, we wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to get our work done!

So where do we turn to for creative inspiration? Here are just a few of our favorite places that offer ideas for all kinds of events:


One of the hottest and fastest-growing social media tools out there, Pinterest is a great way to search for creative inspiration. You can search by event (weddings, baby showers, elegant dinner parties), color, theme – you name it!

Pop Culture.

Today’s movies and TV shows often inspire tomorrow’s events! A fun wedding theme in a romantic comedy may have brides clamoring for the same theme the next season. And many people throw parties based on pop culture events itself, such as the season premieres for the popular TV shows “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.”

Retail Shops.

Running a store is, in many ways, similar to creating an “event” – only it’s done every day, for the long term. Shops have to put together a uniquely cohesive branded experience, from window displays to hang tags to packaging, all of which can be full of creativity and inspiration. Their creative display solutions in particular might easily work for, say, a corporate client showing off a new product at a launch or trade show.


Like retail shops, restaurants are also creating “events” every day with their menu design and décor. Restaurants are trendy, so they’ll give you interesting ideas on latest and unique color combinations, on tableware (rustic wood tables with crystal glassware, anyone?) and on menus (from chalkboard menus to clipboards for daily item changes to quality printed menus).

Your Turn

These are just a few of the creative resources out there, though. Where do you turn for inspiration for your events?