Turn It Up: Why Live Music is Great for Almost Any Event

January 18, 2013 Austin, Red Velvet Events

Live Music is Always a Hit!

Here at Red Velvet Events, we love live music – and not just because we’re based in Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World. We know that live music can be a great addition to almost any event.

But are you getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to booking live music for your event? Here are some things to consider regarding your event’s entertainment budget:

Cocktail Party or Dance Party?

A great band playing everyone’s favorite songs is lots of fun – unless you want your event to encourage conversation and networking. If that’s the case, look into having something quieter as background music instead, such as an acoustic guitar player.

Big Name or Big Fun?

You’d love to have a famous performer sing at your event, but you might not have the room in your budget. We can certainly get you A-list artists, but know that there’s a price tag with every artist plus all the additional related charges involved in such a production. Consider looking around for a performer with a similar style. (That’s another great thing about Austin: how many fantastic, world-class musicians we have!)

Fitting the Theme?

Make sure that the live entertainment you hire will appeal to the attendees. If you’re entertaining a young and sophisticated crowd, a DJ might be more appropriate than a costumed rock’n’roll band blasting classic hits. Conversely, if your event is meant to pump up your sales team, the loud rock’n’roll band might have more appeal than a DJ half-hidden behind a laptop.

Let Us Help You.

The options for live music at your event are almost endless. But don’t feel overwhelmed! Contact Red Velvet Events today to see how we can make sure your event sounds as fantastic as it looks!