Let’s Make A Deal: Competitive Pricing and Your Event Planner

January 4, 2013 Budget, Ideas & Inspiration

It’s a new year!

The start of a new year always brings lots of RFPs and exciting event ideas. Energized by the holidays and the fresh year ahead of them, people soon find themselves thinking about how to spend their marketing dollars on events. But the truth is, many people are concerned about how to make their marketing dollars go as far as they can. This is exactly why talking to an event professional about your goals and your budget is so important — and why it can pay off in the long run.

Bearing that in mind, we at Red Velvet Events are going to let you in on a couple of secrets that might help you get more competitive pricing for your event:

Summer Fun.

Since many event planners are juggling fewer tasks than usual in the summer, consider holding your event then! It’s the one time of year when we’re not running from event to event, so we might be able to consider some discounts that we simply can’t offer during the rest of the year. We also may be able to prepare an RFP in a shorter amount of time. And speaking of…

Time Is Money.

Sometimes a client will need a really quick turnaround on an RFP. But if you ask an event planner to drop everything in the spring or fall to prepare an RFP for an event that’s two years out, the cost of that rushed job might be factored into your RFP. So it really does pay to give everyone a little more room to plan.

Are you set on having your event in the spring or fall? That’s totally understandable. Do you absolutely need this RFP two days from now? That can happen. But as Austin’s premier event and meeting planner and destination management company, we want to give our clients tips on how to make the most of their event planning dollars – and we really hope you will find them useful.

Your Turn

Thinking that a summer meeting or conference might be right for you after all? Contact Red Velvet Events today and see what kind of a “Wow” factor we can add to your next event!