What’s New for Corporate Events? Trends That Keep Things Fun and Functional

December 14, 2012 Corporate, Ideas & Inspiration

They’re not just PowerPoint presentations anymore!

Lately, we at Red Velvet Events have seen several cool and interesting trends in corporate events – trends that are not just fun, but are also helping attendees get the most out of the meetings. Our favorites include:

Interactive Meetings vs. Listening to Speakers.

Some topics are best served with a speaker giving a lecture to a quiet, attentive audience. But more and more, clients are recognizing that interaction and participation can have a far greater impact. People are more likely to remember the message being discussed when they’re participating, and great ideas can take root and grow during these conversations.

Giving Back to the Community.

A teambuilding event that also functions as a community service activity will have a lasting impact on participants. Having employees come together to build bikes for underprivileged kids, for example, not only strengthens people’s communication and teamwork skills – it also helps people outside of the organization. Plus, philanthropy is a great message for your company to spread as part of its core values.

More Networking Opportunities.

More and more companies are asking for networking-friendly events that give attendees the chance to mingle and connect with one another in an outside-the-box kind of way. We’re only too happy to offer innovative solutions, such as a digital graffiti wall or an ultra-cool, high-tech lounge that encourages synergy between attendees.

Your Turn

What other trends have you seen lately at meetings or events? Share your thoughts in the comments section!