The Early Bird Gets the Event: Why You Should Start the Planning Process Early

Start Planning.

You know it’s that time again – time to plan your annual conference or event. But you put off your meetings and reschedule the conversations you know you need to have. You tell yourself you don’t really need to start thinking about everything this early. Last year’s event went off without a hitch. Surely your experience means you can delay things a little longer, right?

Not exactly. Even if you’re well versed in holding an annual event, it’s important to start the planning process as early as possible, for many reasons:

Prime Venues.

Making your event arrangements early means you’re more likely to get your first choice of venue. Some places are booked even a year in advance! The larger your group size, the more advance planning you need. It’s not uncommon for you to sign a venue contract two years out if the city’s options for groups of that size are limited.

Event Partner Appreciation.

You’ll get your pick of event partners – and they will probably appreciate having a diligent and proactive client who makes arrangements early.

No Rush Job.

You won’t feel as pressured if you give yourself plenty of time. Don’t underestimate the importance of this. It will benefit you, your employees and ultimately your event. Remember: less stress is best!

Contingency Planning.

You’ll need extra time in case something goes wrong, from a budget snafu to a total change in direction for the event. Giving yourself a bit of a cushion to plan around unforeseen emergencies is crucial.

Best All-Around.

Ultimately, planning your event earlier rather than later means you’ll have enough time to cover every detail, making sure your attendees get the best possible experience.

Red Velvet Events is always happy to handle rush jobs if we have an opening in our schedule, but we do get booked very quickly – especially for seasonal events, or major happenings like SXSW, the Formula 1 US GRAND PRIX race and other city-wide weekend events. So if you know you’ve got an event coming up, be an early bird and contact us right away!