Budget and More, Part IV: How Little Changes can Save You Big Dollars

December 7, 2012 Budget

Get Flexible

Wouldn’t it be nice if every part of every event were negotiable? Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just not practical to move things around. The date of your event could be dictated by a large product launch, or by a national holiday. In addition, you or your company might be set on menu items And the venue where you want the event to take place could be non-negotiable to you.

However, if you can be flexible with some parts of your events, this can help your event planner tremendously – and can save you quite a bit, too! So how can you change things up?

Change Your Date.

Some days of the week are less expensive than others. If you move a social event from a Friday night to a Wednesday night, those savings can add up.

Change Your Vendors’ Options.

Vendors appreciate customers who are flexible, sometimes even offering discounts to customers who are willing to change or downgrade their selections.

Change Your Menu/Bar Choices.

If you are willing to work with the venue or your caterer and take advantage of specials they might be offering, you can save big.

In Short: Change Gives You Power.

Flexibility gives you more negotiating power, as you have demonstrated (politely, of course) that you have different options.

Your Turn

How has being flexibility helped you make your event a success? Tell us in the comments section!