Budget and More, Part II: Why Sharing Your Budget With Your Event Professional Is Important

November 16, 2012 Budget

Everyone’s working within a budget these days.

The good news is that your event professionals know how to make any event unforgettable, at any price level!

Here at Red Velvet Events, we want your event to sparkle as much as you do – and we completely understand that you can’t go over your budget. However, communicating your budgetary needs and changes to your event professional is absolutely essential for a number of reasons.

Before you say,

“Well, we’re still deciding on the budget,”

consider the following:

Sharing your budget saves time for you as well as your event planners’. It means that your event planners will focus only on the best possible options for your events, and not pursue or showcase to you ideas that are unfeasible.

  • It helps you prioritize your goals… when you can’t have it all – which, in turn, helps your event planners do the same.
  • It helps the event planners suggest the one wow factor… to really make your budget stretch.
  • It keeps everyone on the same page… during discussions and meetings, ensuring your event planners target event partners and themes that match your vision.
  • It assists event planners as they negotiate with event partners.
  • In short, sharing your budget with your event planner ends up saving you money!
    • Bang For Your Buck

      RVE’s goal is to always make an event look like it cost more than what you actually spent. It’s a trick of the trade that we’ve learned through our team’s years of experience. Want to know how to make your event spectacular on any budget? Contact us today!

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