When “Sorry” Is Not Enough: The Importance of Owning up to Mistakes

October 19, 2012 Red Velvet Events

Together, Red Velvet Events has over 50 years of experience in the meeting and event planning industry. We pride ourselves on excellence and a dedication to our work and our clients. However, we do know that, from time to time, we make mistakes. Everyone does.

However, we’ve found that it’s how you handle a mistake that makes all the difference. While we do our best to make all of our events absolutely flawless, occasionally there will be a misstep. When this happens, you have our guarantee that we will own up to it. We recognize that there’s nothing more frustrating than working with someone who shifts the blame or flat out denies it.

As the premier event planner and destination management company of Austin and central Texas, we want to assure you that we work incredibly hard to prevent mistakes from happening in the first place. However, when mistakes occur, we do learn from them. In the end, you know you can trust us to own up to our own shortcomings and to come back from any difficulties stronger, smarter and a whole lot wiser.

We are more than happy to provide case studies on some of our most valuable lessons (keeping our clients confidential, of course). If you would like to know more about how we have strived to make our past wrongs right, contact us today.