DMCs and More, Part I: DMCs Vs. Meeting Planners

DMC 101:

Welcome to the first blog post in our three-part series on Destination Management Companies (DMCs)! Today, we’re going to share some information on meeting planners and DMCs, and the different services they offer. Both work hard to make sure your event is everything you want it to be. But how do you know when you want to use a meeting planner, and when you should go to a DMC instead?

How Meeting Planners & DMCs Compare

Meeting planners and DMCs do have a lot in common. They both:

Work directly with vendors and venues to negotiate rates and contracts.

Plan the logistics of meetings/events. (This can include confirming flights/ground transportation for the speakers, reserving hotel rooms, arranging tours for guests, planning evening dinners and events and more.)

Find ways to put on an amazing event while ensuring you stay within your budget.

Yes? Use a DMC.

Despite the many similarities between meeting planners and DMCs, you should consider using a DMC if you can answer yes to one or more of these questions:

Are you planning a meeting or event in a city where you’re not currently located?

Are you unfamiliar/only slightly familiar with your destination city?

Do you want your meeting attendees to visit restaurants and/or have tours that reflect the city’s true flavor?

Do you want inside advice on how to stretch your dollars the furthest in your destination city?

RVE is a seasoned Central Texas DMC.

Here at Red Velvet Events, we have over a decade of experience putting on some of the most spectacular events the Austin/Central Texas area has ever seen. We know which restaurants will delight your attendees, which hotels will offer the amenities you’re looking for, which speakers will leave your attendees applauding and which tours will make your event the most memorable one yet!

Next Up…

Our next blog post in our DMCs and More series will offer more information on finding the right DMC. Watch for that, coming soon!