Coolest Party Ever: How to Keep Your Summer Shindig From Overheating

June 15, 2012 Austin, Social & Festivals

Austin Summers…

One of the many reasons we love Austin is that you can have a patio party from March to October! However, the temperate springs and autumns can make for a pretty brutal summer. June through September is hot, hot, hot in central Texas.

Safe & Healthy Fun

So how do you stay cool when Mother Nature is turning up the heat? Here are a few ways that RVE has made sure that event guests have had safe, healthy fun in the sun:

Wear Sunscreen.

If your guests will be in direct sunlight, provide plenty of sunscreen – especially as it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours, according to

Drinks for All.

Cold beer and margaritas are nice for the grown-ups, but make sure all of your guests – especially kids and pets – have plenty of cool water, too.

Get Misted.

For evening events, consider adding misters. They’re refreshing and fun!

Hats (For Form & Function).

A wide-brimmed sunhat doesn’t need to look frumpy. Wear a cute hat that makes a fashion statement while keeping the sun off your skin.

Keep the Bugs Away.

Insect repellant is a must, especially as the sun goes down. Many products are available that have a gentle, light smell.

Light It Up.

Candles can be lovely (especially citronella candles, which keep mosquitos away); but the fire can be dangerous, especially if your area is experiencing a drought. Consider using strings of lights or flameless candles instead.

Pool Safety.

If your event involves a pool, make sure a lifeguard is on duty.

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite ways to ensure that your summer party is a success – and not a hot mess?